Oct 10

New park placement


I know a good location to put Never Never Land. If it goes well, I will announce it. However, if it doesn't work out what park would you like to see it come back at? (We can't do it at any park with MetroParks). Would love to see what opinions you have!

Unfortunately, where ever it goes needs to be in a secured location. If open to the public, it will get vandalized. Have you talked to the history museum in Tacoma? I also had thought that along the paths of the zoo would be good.. added attractions for the kids and secure.

We can't do it in the zoo because it is owned by MetroParks. But where ever it goes, we will have an off duty police officer every night patrolling so vandalism should slow down.

Makayla Lewis
Oct 16

Paradise Pond Park

2915-3499 67th Ave W, Tacoma, WA 98466



This is an empty park just has a couple trails in university place across the street from the fircrest golf course

I don't have a suggestion on this, but it's really a shame that it can't go back where it belongs.... So many unused acres there. :(

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